The latest edition to the energy saving gadget world is the new range of LED bulbs

The latest edition to the energy saving gadget world is the new range of LED bulbs from Philips. Philips offer a range of energy saving lamps" from the Philips Core Pro LED Spot GU10 4W to the Philips Master LED Spot GU10 Dimmable 4W the range delivers huge energy savings and minimises maintenance cost, enabling both homes and businesses to achieve a return on their investment usually within one year...
Philips new range of LED lights are a low energy consumption LED lamps that switches on instantly with no heat build-up. This is why the bulbs help homeowners take advantage of lower electricity bills as the lights themselves are super energy efficient and long lasting. With so many products to choose from, you won't need to compromise on features, light quality or style.

Philips' extensive collection of energy saving light bulbs offers a wide range of earth friendly alternatives to the traditional lamps in your home. Philips' official online retailer is ECOSave. EcoSave based in Bournemouth are pioneers of low energy lights and stock the entire range of Philips' branded LED light bulbs.

"Unlike traditional lighting products, most Philips LED lights are retrofittable, switch on instantly with no heat build-up and are dimmable. Every product we sell is brand new, in perfect condition and is usually in stock at our warehouse. " Jeremy Lawson Marketing Director at ECOSave

It is best to try and save energy by:

1.avoiding wasting energy, then
2.using energy more efficiently, then
3.using energy from clean renewable sources.

Energy conservation: Avoiding waste - cost nothing, and immediately starts you saving you money.

Some of them may involve some changes to your lifestyle, such as walking or taking the bus rather than driving off in your car.

Others are simple matters of habit - like switching off lights when they are not in use, and checking that the room thermostat on your heating system is set correctly. Conservation does not mean having to go without.

Sometimes, using energy efficiently,
involve a modest capital outlay. Some of the suggestions cost just a few pounds, and will pay for themselves within 12 months. Others require a more significant investment, or may involve professional installation. However almost all energy efficiency measures will eventually pay for themselves in lower energy bills through the post.


Using energy efficiently without waste

Once you are using energy eff ciently without waste, one can really start to think about where that energy is actually coming from. Clean, renewable energy sources - like the sun and the wind- are all around us. Sometimes they are a little difficult to tap into, or are more expensive than digging polluting fossil fuels out of the ground.

But there are a surprising number of small-scale renewable energy sources that won't cost the earth, and can be installed at an average UK home or business. And for the energy that you are not producing yourself, you can look at buying certified green electricity or even starting your own wind farm..

Some people want to rush in and use renewable energy from the very start. This is fine, but is likely to cost you more than by first looking carefully at how you are using energy. As most countries don't yet have enough renewables developed to meet demand, it is best to use this type of energy as efficiently and wisely as possible. For more details please email and we will send you our guide to Energy Saving free of charge.



Wind Energy


With fossil fuels running out fast it is now time to look at the more environmentally friendly renewable fuel sources available, one of these is wind energy or read Take control of your energy use and your carbon footprint

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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The latest edition to the energy saving gadget world is the new range of LED bulbs from Philips...

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